Orphans on our Hearts

UPDATE!!! Lynne has a family!!! I repeat Lynne has a family!! Sadly Anya has fallen through the cracks with the restriction Putin has put on adoption. We will not forget her and  I will keep her on this page until I hear any news about her!
So far Nikita, Vika,John Mark, Tasha, and Hope who were on this page have found there families!!!!! So it is time to create awareness for some more little ones who are dear to us!!! Please pray, donate, or adopt to help these children. Now for the bad news.....Gretchen and Lynn will not be adoptable until they turn 5.


Date of Birth: December 2009 (Look how she's grown!!!!!!!)
No siblings
Available to Canadian families only at this time. Anya was born to an HIV-positive birthmother and her health status will be determined at 18 months. She is small and frail and has a poor appetite.
A baby born to a mother with HIV will test positive to an HIV antibody test, until the mother’s antibodies leave the baby’s bloodstream, which can take up to 18 months. This does not mean that the baby has HIV. The recommended HIV test for babies 18 months or younger is a PCR test which tests the baby’s DNA (not the antibodies).


Oh she is just so cute!!! We need to get her out of that big crib and into a family!!!!
Gretchen is a sweet little girl with giant blue eyes! She is officially diagnosed with FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome), and was *previously* a carrier of her mother’s Hep C antibodies. She is testing negative now. She does have strabismus as well. She is able to stand on her own, but is not quite walking yet. She is cognitively delayed, but is affectionate.
Girl, Born February 22, 2008

Girl, Born July 2, 2007
Lynne is a beautiful blue eyed girl who was born with FAS.  She is quite smart and high functioning socially.  She is described as calm and friendly, and will do well in a family.   From her medical records:  FAS, Congenital heart disease; minor pulmonary valve stenosis; delay of psychological development, crossed eyes.