Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As most of you know by now we were unable to proceed with adopting Ivan. He is being well cared for in a orthodox church run orphanage from which he is not adoptable and despite a lot of effort by many people there is no changing this reality. Will you please join us in continuing to pray for him? He cannot be forgotten. He is deeply loved by us and by so many people. Maybe one day the rules will change and he will be allowed to have a family. Please pray for this.
We of course were devastated that we could not adopt Ivan. We could not see how it was right that he should grow up without a Mommy and Daddy. However, we knew that God had called us to adopt a child from Ukraine and we really wanted to be that Mommy and Daddy that every child needs and deserves. So after about 5 weeks we committed to adopt a six month old baby girl who was born with Down Syndrome. We didn't tell anyone because we wanted to make sure her and our privacy was protected while we traveled.
I now can happily announce that on May 14, 2012 we legally  became the proud parents of Ava Tyeesia! Ava is now 8 months old and she is due to arrive in Canada in about 10 hours with my husband. Renee and I are extremely excited to see them both again. We have been apart now for 3 weeks due to Renee and I having to leave Ukraine early because Renee was very sick. I can not wait to hold her again and know that nobody can take her from us and that she is really our daughter now. When I left we were still waiting to be allowed to take her out of the orphanage and I was only seeing her two hours a day. I have never changed her diaper, never bathed her, and only once given her a bottle. I cannot wait to have her home. My parents are just about jumping out of their shoes they are so excited! My dad can't even stand it that he has to work tomorrow and can't come to the airport.
And now for a picture....this is the day that Jason brought her home to his apartment from the orphanage. It was so cool to see her wearing her very own clothes! (The babies don't have their own clothes at the orphange) This is just before they got in the car. Jason looks so happy! Apparently she slept all the way back to the apartment.


  1. She is so beautiful!!!! I'm really happy for you guys! I am glad to hear that Ivan is well taken care of over there.
    I'm in Quebec and I hope to be able to bring a treasure home in the near future too!
    Thanks for updating your blog with this wonderful news!!

  2. She is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations!!

    So sorry about the loss of Ivan, I pray he will be allowed a family in the future!