Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New pictures of Ivan and an update!

People went to Ivan's baby house at the end of December to bring him gifts that they had gathered and they were allowed to take pictures. Isn't he handsome? Thank-you to those who thought to bring the baby house donations.

 Our paperwork has safely arrived in country and we are translating it in order to submit it to the government.   On the negative side, the homestudy agency we used went under and so we need to work with the Ministry to find out what to do now that they are not around. Lucikily we still have our facilitating agency in Ontario to support us! And of course the amazing Reece's Rainbow Canada staff and volunteers! (Yes I mean you Sara!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!)

We are working on packing. It's a lot to think about. So far we figured out which suitcases to use and I started buying a lot of little things like acitivites for Renee to do on the plane.

I just can't wait to get the phone call saying that our dossier was submitted and accepted. Please pray that this day will come soon! Please pray we will not grow weary!

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