Monday, December 12, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day

We got news today that our letter of approval (for our homestudy) from Victoria is going to arrive tomorrow. So tomorrow I have to drive out to the agency to pick up our entire dossier and then go to the UPS store to ship it overnight to Toronto. To say the least, I am nervous. Anytime I handle the dossier I feel nervous. What if I dropped it? What if it got wet? What if the plane it goes on to Toronto crashes? Yes, silly concerns when you consider how big God is but when you have poured so much love and work into that stack of papers you just can't stand the thought of something causing any delays.
Anyways, would you please all pray that our dossier arrives in country by the end of the month? It takes that long because it has to be notarized, authenticated, and legalized. Thank goodness that our agency in Toronto is going to drive it to all of those locations themselves and not use any couriers. Less chance for problems!

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