Thursday, November 17, 2011

We'd like you all to get to know us!

I wanted to post some pics so you could get to know us a bit better. But first I have to share a bit about Trent. Today we went on a shopping trip to the states to get diapers and wipes. We even packed a lunch so we would not spend any money on eating out. (Yeah!!) We wanted to get a little something for the baby to remind us that hopefully he will come home soon. We got him a little bunting bag and we also found 6 pairs of shorts for $2.20 each at Kohl's. We also got a 3 pack of onesies and 2 matching pants. And we got him a stocking too! We know he has one leg that is not properly formed while the other leg is nearly completely missing. We have not seen any pictures of his lower limbs so we don't know exactly what kind of clothes he will need. One thing I do know is that I will need to learn how to sew! I figured the shorts could be sewed up at the bottoms to help him keep warm. Or they could be left open if I use them in the summer months. My sister has put a call out to all of her friends for donations of boys clothes so we won't need to buy anything else for him. We put all his stuff in our crib and we will leave it there for him until he gets here. He actually won't sleep in the crib because we have the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper but the stuff looks really cute in there.
 Here is an update pic of our family from our recent trip to Port Townsend Washington.
I've been working on the adoption stuff all night! We are trying to have all of the paper work in to our agency by December 6th.  I will write more later because I have to work in the morning and need some sleep!

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