Saturday, November 26, 2011

One more week !

We have just over one more week till we have to have all of our paperwork to our agency if we want it to arrive in Ivan's country right after the Christmas break. Of course we will have to wait for an invitation from the government. We have everything ready except we have our medical appointments on December 5th. The day before our paperwork deadline. It turns out that our province won't do our blood work until they get a batch of requests so on Monday morning we are heading down to the good ole USA to get poked again. We should have the results in 3 days. We just can't take a chance that our blood work will not be back on the 5th. We are doing whatever is in our power to speed things up. We even paid double the money to get some of our paper work legalized in 1 day instead of in 1 week. Using overnight couriers helps as well. Once we hand in all our paperwork on the 6th it is completely out of our hands. We have been praying for a smooth process since day one and so far things have gone pretty well. We are praying that once we hand in our paperwork God will remove every obstacle and allow our dossier to sail through. We are praying for super fast couriers and extremely efficient lawyers and translators. Ivan is being well cared for and that is comforting but it doesn't take away our desire and hope to come to him as soon as humanly and legally possible. One of my friends is planning a baby shower for Ivan and it is so exciting to think of all of our friends getting together to celebrate his life. What a joy he is to us and to the Lord!


  1. Praying for a smooth process to bring your sweet one home!!!

  2. OMG! I am soooo happy! I have been praying for your little guy since I first saw his photo on Reece's Rainbow a few months ago! Hearing that he has a family committed to him made me literally DANCE for joy!!!