Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Daddy,
You are the best Daddy any girl could have. Thank-you for taking such good care of Mommy while I was in the womb. All the snacks you made her and all the back and foot massages sure helped relax her. Thanks for reading me stories and talking to me on the "belly phone". I heard you you know. Thank-you for taking 12 whole weeks of prenatal classes so you could be the best labour coach for Mommy. You were so knowledgeable they called you the Dude-la ! Mommy felt she didn't need a doula with the Dude-la around! Daddy, you were always there for Mommy during the pregnancy and you were always so patient and understanding. I was listening you know. I know Mommy wishes she could have held me right after I was born but since she could not you were such a great Daddy to hold me skin to skin to keep me warm. Since I've been born we have sure been having a blast. Thank-you for all of the stories you read me, the songs you sing, the baths, the cuddles, and the bike rides. You stayed up late with me for so many nights when I was little so Mommy could sleep. It means a lot to me when you tell me how you miss me when you're gone to work. Thank-you for lying down with me until I fall asleep and for changing my diaper in the middle of the night. Thank-you for being gentle and sensitive to all of my feelings. Thank-you so much for working so hard so that Mommy can be home with me. Thank-you for praying for me and for telling me about God. I can tell Daddy that you really do love me. Thank-you for telling me that I am a precious angel and for making me laugh a lot. You are the world's best Daddy and Mommy says you're the world's best husband too! Happy Father's Day!
Love Renee

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