Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Disaster

I was supposed to be going to bed. I have to work tomorrow morning. But as I stared into the fridge looking for a snack I saw the bag of "fresh greens" that I bought for Renee. They weren't getting any fresher.
Hmm....I thought to myself, "Can I get these prepared...cooked...pureed ...and frozen into cubes before Renee wakes up?" I took the chance. Well the little angel did not wake up but it was a disaster none the less. Do you know how long it takes to cut the stem off of one bunch of green kale and one bunch of black kale. Especially when you have never in your life prepared kale before? A long time. The cooking part was easy....but then came the pureeing. Let me tell you, kale does not like to be pureed. My Cuisanart mini prep could not really handle it. Grind...stir....grind ....stir....oh boy! This was a lot harder than swiss chard!   Needless to say the entire kitchen was green...the counters...the floor...everything. Not to mention that there was kiwi juice all over the place because I was trying to strain two pureed kiwis through a cheesecloth to get the seeds out for Renee. I ended up with one ice cube tray of frozen kale and a very small bowl of kiwi. I am happy about that but I tell you if I can find a good organic kale in the frozen food section I'll be their best customer.
Besides all of that mess...I had to throw out the whole bunch of red swiss chard because it had already wilted. Now I know I need to prep greens the day I buy them. I still have the bunch of parsley in the fridge and I need to de-stem it. I am by no means looking forward to the process. How do chefs do this every day? I just say in my head, "This is a labour of love....you're doing this for Renee." It helps to repeat that but it is amazing how a bunch of green leaves can be so very irritating. Now I am officially going to bed, with no more trips to the fridge.

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