Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adoption Seminar Friday

We have our first adoption seminar on Friday. We have been waiting so long for this! We are so excited that we can finally start the paperwork. Our goal to do all paperwork as fast as we can. The first set will be criminal record checks, ministry checks, as well as medical forms and references. I think this will be the easy part. Also Renee will need a passport so I might take her for her photo in a few weeks and get the application filled out.
Please pray our child will come home very soon but for sure by Christmas!!!
Please consider going to Reece's Rainbow and signing up to be a prayer warrior. There is no cost for you to sign up and pray a child home. Also to learn more about adoption and God's heart for orphans please see the blog of a wonderful lady Adeye. She is such a blessing in the adoptive community.

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