Thursday, December 2, 2010

What chocolate chips can we live without?

We found out today that our adoption seminar this Friday is canceled. We have rescheduled for January so please pray that it doesn't get canceled again. (This is the second time)
We are so thankful to everybody who ordered a poinsettia for our Christmas fundraiser. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!
Don't forget the flowers will be at the church Sunday December 5th in the old offices.

We have to remember that God's timing is always the best even if we don't understand it. My grandma always says. "Be still and know that I am God." What a truthful and encouraging thought. I was discouraged this week when I prayed for money to be given towards little Gretchen's grant fund and nothing came. Then the next day I saw that God had answered my prayers for 3 children. Nikita, Vika, and John Mark had all found adoptive families!!!!

Then Jason pointed out that if I wanted to see Gretchen's grant fund grow then I should be the first to contribute and cut something out of our budget to make it happen. Whew, the truth can hit you smack in the face some times! Why should I get to eat at McDonald's while little Gretchen sits in an orphanage waiting for a Mommy and Daddy! (Note: this is not the child we will that remains unknown at this time)

The honest truth is that it is hard for Jason and I not to eat out but I know we can do it with the Lord's help. I just keep hearing the words from my blog title in my head....."But God doesn't call us to be comfortable."

These days most people have so much we don't even know how to live like we're poor. I'm sure I could talk to my grandma to gain some wisdom about living on a tight budget (no credit) because in those days that's all you had. I have a friend who told me that when her mom was younger and had 5 little boys at home it was a treat if she could afford to put chocolate chips in the cookies.

Do we consider living this way in order to help ,"the least of these"? I am the first one who is guilty of thinking things are "normal" rather than viewing them as the luxuries that they really are.
What can we all do this week in order to be "radical"? What chocolate chips can we live without? Maybe if we all cut out a coffee, or a meal out we could give that money to Gretchen instead?

Remember: There are many families willing to adopt these children and money is the biggest barrier.

Go to
There you can scroll down to find Gretchen and many other dear little girls. Will you help one of them today?

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