Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning about crying

I have been learning a lot about crying. Not just Renee's crying, but my crying. I cried when she got her shots at two months. Then I cried one night while she was in an absolute crying frenzy. I was just holding her and she was screaming and choking and would not eat or take a soother. I felt so terrible for her I was crying to. Then today she was just screaming and screaming. Luckily she latched on but she kept crying while in between swallowing. Then she would pop of and scream some more. I didn't know what to do. I put the soother in and eventually she stopped. I laid there with her and she just stared at me till she eventually fell asleep. Maybe if Daddy was home he could have done something.... as you can see they are a good pair.

I think I am realizing that even though she only has 45 minute naps during the day, they are very important to her, especially the first one of the day.

All in all, since about 5 weeks, she hasn't cried that much. She wakes up smiling and at night she goes to bed smiling too. I guess that's why when she does cry it bothers me so much.
She is usually very happy!
Well I finally figured out how to properly wrap my Moby wrap and we walked with Charla to Walmart and back and she really like it. She slept in it on the way there, facing in, and faced out on the way back.
Going for a ride...the sunglasses didn't fit.

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