Friday, July 16, 2010

Crazy trip to San Diego

And we're off..... well not quite... we just made it to Seattle and we already had to stop to feed Renee. This was one of the more sketchy places we had to stop. We were under the freeway at the Port of Seattle. Well isn't that the joy of breastfeeding? Highly portable!

We headed off to Cottage Grove, Oregon to spend the night. It took about 7 hours so we got there at 12:30 at night. Yes we left for a road trip at 5 in the afternoon, however that's pretty good considering we only decided to go on the trip at 2:00.

As you can see, Renee and I were very mother like daughter. I can't believe Jason actually got this picture.
We left in the morning for San Diego. It took a looooong time. We finally arrived at 0300 AM!!! Renee slept basically the whole time except when we stopped to feed her. The back seat made a great change table and my front seat was the only place to feed as the A/C was on full time it was so hot. At one point I thought to myself , " Why is this taking so long?" Well, we couldn't even go the speed limit half the time because of the semi trucks...I counted 300 trucks in 10 minutes. That is 30 trucks a minute. And then of course there was the California Highway Patrol who somehow managed to be pulling people over left, right, and centre in the middle of nowhere.

We made it...yeah! We went to Sea World the first day. Jason didn't end up going on the rides because the line was too long but there was plenty of other things to do. We saw the Shamu show. How many Shamu's are there really? You have to wonder if those whales actually have real names. They can't all be Shamu. We saw this family with five boys that all looked about the same age. Turns out they had one boy and then two sets of twins only a year apart. Now those are busy parents. I would definitely recommend Sea World over the zoo because it is way easier to get around and for one price you can eat and drink all day unlimited.
I wanted to take her home as my pet.

Renee made friends easily.
Renee on the train at the Wild Animal Park
Mommy and Baby

On the third day we went to the zoo, which was really fun because you can see the animals quite close up. It was a lot of walking up steep hills though. Jason got up close to the African Spoonbills which were quite aggressive.

And we both got to feed the giraffes. We found out from the zoo keeper that one of the orangutans used to escape and hang out at the zoo's bus stop. Jason carried Renee in the Snugli the whole time at the zoo which she really loved.
Renee and I on the aircraft carrier, USS Midway, with another carrier behind us. How many people can say the have breastfed their baby on an aircraft carrier? :) This was our last day in Sandiego. The USS Midway museum was awesome. The real retired pilots share their first hand accounts of what it is like to land a plane on the carrier in the dark. Apparently the stress is worse than in combat and the pilots are hyperventilating during the landing. Wow! We then drove up the coast to Huntington Beach and had dinner at Ruby's Diner on the end of the pier.
When we were is San Diego we kept getting these flyers for several pizza places under our motel door. We couldn't believe how cheap it was and we didn't feel like going out so we called them. One guy said he was closed. (at 9 on a Friday night!!) One guy was out of drivers and we were out of luck. The next day as we were leaving Ruby's and walking down the pier we saw some guys fishing. The next thing we hear is a cell phone ringing and the guy answers, "Mario's Pizza..Can I take your order?" We looked at each other and dropped our jaws in unison. We couldn't believe this guy was trying to run his business while fishing. He probably had his mom making pizza in his basement. We were pretty glad that the places we called didn't work out be
cause it all seemed kind of shady.
When we were driving home it was 44Celsius in Sacramento. Needless to say Renee never left the air conditioned car. We brought her in the pool at our hotel in Woodland, CA where we stayed our last night. Even though it was 33 degrees outside she didn't like the pool. :(
On the way home we stopped at the House of Mystery at the Oregon Vortex. It was a fun place where people appear to grow and shrink, brooms stand up crooked, and balls roll up hill. Jason basically concluded it was an optical illusion after he discovered that their homemade levels have curved tubes in them. Either way we really found it to be interesting and it was cheap too.
"Time to go home Mommy and Daddy!!!"

Overall we had a great trip. It is definitely an adventure to take a little baby all the way to San Diego, but it really gets you used to breastfeeding that's for sure. Even though we had such a great time, I began to miss and appreciate the comforts of home. There's nothing like you're own shower and your own bed.

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