Friday, July 16, 2010

Bugs in the Pantry

Well, I have been inspired to begin a blog due to the bugs that took over my pantry. I discovered these terrible, tiny, red creatures at 12:30 at night and really needed to talk to someone about how terrible it was, but of course it was late and I couldn't really wake up my mother just to tell her how bugs had invaded by home.

I had to throw away all of my food and it really made me realize that I was probably taking my food security for granted. Who was I to think that there would always be food just sitting there waiting to be eaten? After all, am I not supposed to trust the Lord for all things, not just the "big" things? I felt like I had been subconsciously saying, " OK God, I've got this one on my own."

I also realized that I had too much food and a lot of expired food which is really a waste. I have been inspired to try to start planning my meals and my shopping. I'm currently looking for some great websites to help with home making and organization in the areas of cooking and cleaning.

After spraying the bugs to their death, and then cleaning out the pantry with hot water and pine sole (actually my hubby did that), I still found a bug alive. I will have to wash it out with bleach and water tomorrow and wait and see what happens. There is no food in there so they can't live much longer.

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